FTC Disclosure
The FTC requires bloggers to disclose whenever there is a financial interest or bias related to a recommendation or whenever a blogger’s opinion may be financially motivated in any way. More importantly, BlackWire Marketing LLC / Drip Wire News has a desire to always be transparent and honest with readers and to disclose how we generate revenue from this website.

Affiliate Links
The FTC also requires disclosure about any affiliate links. BlackWire Marketing LLC / Drip Wire News specifically notes on any post when affiliate links are present, but for disclosure purposes, assume that any link you click on may be an affiliate link. This means that BlackWire Marketing LLC / Drip Wire News may earn a commission from a third-party vendor n or other company if you decide to purchase a product dripwirenews.com is linked to.

Many of the links on dripwirenews.com are purely for informational purposes, but some may generate commission on many such links including links to books, products and services.

BlackWire Marketing LLC / Drip Wire News evaluates potential advertising partners on a case by case basis, whose products, mission, and values align with BlackWire Marketing LLC / Drip Wire News.


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