Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: My Favorite BBQ Grilling Pan

Through the years I’ve tried out a lot of grilling pans, but this rectangular BBQ Grilling Pan is now my complete favorite! And this post has links for the kinds of recipes I love to cook on this type of grill-top pan.

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set of two BBQ Grilling pans on cutting board

I’ve been happily cooking on the grill for many years now, and a grilling pan with holes to cook vegetables and small pieces of meat has been one of my favorite grilling accessories for a long time.

But there are many variations of this type of grilling pan, and last year I bought the BBQ Grilling Pan you see in the photos that comes in a set with two sizes, and I think they have the perfect design for a pan to cook on the grill! This purchase was to replace a similar pan that was getting a little too well-used, and I liked the new ones even better.

And after I realized how much I liked the new set of pans, I was glad I had snapped a few photos so I could share it as one of my Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks, where I talk about the food products that I buy myself and love!

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